Reheating a frozen brand with hot moves.

Michelina’s is a nation-wide frozen food brand, but faced with declining sales and low brand awareness, they needed to find a way to introduce themselves to a relevant younger demographic in the midst of a global pandemic. Enter TikTok.

The Insight

Young people don’t know what Michelina’s is (they probably don’t even know how to pronounce it).

The Opportunity

On TikTok, the right song and dance moves could catapult a brand from unknown to beloved.

We created a hashtag challenge inspired by the song “The Macarena” (which sort of sounds like Michelina’s, get it?). To drive cultural relevance, we created a new, doesn’t-take-itself-too-seriously version of the song, with a music producer who lives on TikTok.

Then we partnered with a choreographer who’d created previous TikTok dance sensations. Her reimagined “Macarena” was perfect for an always-online generation. The challenge was seeded by a handful creators who encouraged their followers to join in on the fun.

The Results

0 16 MM
0 1.19 MM
0 7.4 %
increase in brand awareness