Sour Sneaks

First, our big thinking started small, as we introduced the world’s first limited edition, ultra-exclusive mini Sour Brite Sneaks. Then we partnered with Adidas and followed up with a life-size pair of edible gummy sneakers, modeled after Harden’s actual shoes and timed with the Adidas release of the Harden Vol. 2. Sneakerheads, rejoice!

Next, we “leaked” our sneaks to the most influential sneakerheads on the net to gain influencer momentum and cred before our official drop.

Taking another cue from the sneaker universe, we hacked a new Instagram feature to allow fans to customize their own Sour Brite Sneaks and get a chance to win their very own pair of customized Adidas Harden Vol. 2s. It was called “Remix Your Kicks.”

Candy sampling takes on a sweet new form.

Finally, in yet another one-of-a-kind, never-done-before partnership, we teamed up with the most legit source of hard-to-find sneakers on Earth, StockX, to give sneakerheads the chance to own a pair of sneakers so rare, they’re perishable.

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do things people love

In the true spirit of Deadpool, we made the conventional “un” by hiding digital Easter eggs within the metadata of the Trolli Tiny Hands microsite.

Fast Company, Campaign US and Syfy Wire definitely noticed, but they weren’t exactly sure if it was “marketing genius” or “insanity.” We’re certain our results divulge the answer.

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fastest selling product innovation at 7-Eleven

When done right, combining the very distinct voices of two subversive brands can only result in edgy, disruptive hilarity. More than a traditional licensing agreement, Trolli and Deadpool worked together to create a new sour gummy that not only tied into Deadpool 2’s storyline, but also perfectly expanded Trolli’s Weirdly Awesome universe.

Thoroughly integrated and interconnected to operate as one giant unit, the Tiny Hands campaign provided firm package support — from influencer strategies to the world’s sexiest display ads to 4th-wall-breaking metadata messages from Deadpool himself.

In the campaign’s biggest moment, Deadpool invited fans to be a part of the campaign and flaunt their own packages via two massive, real-time digital billboards in Times Square. Fans were also able to submit their best impersonations of the merc via Twitter and Instagram using #PackagePose.


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do things people love

With a genuine love for Trolli gummies and a personality that transcends the game of basketball, James Harden proved to be authentic to the brand — and insanely energizing to Trolli fans. Not to mention, is there anything more weirdly awesome than this man’s beard?

Watch in awe as the beard, and Harden himself, star in some weirdly awesomeness.

For the face of a brand, the most expressive face out there.

From a press conference with Harden’s beard to the release of Weird Beards gummies — and the latest creation, Sour Sneaks — Trolli has kept pace with Sour Brite fans everywhere.

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do things people love

Trolli “Slothversations” told our story and ignited social media.

Slow-moving sloths created fast-moving hype.

Then, we brought sloths on a Weirdly Slothsome Slurpee Tour.

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do things people love

Here's one more GIF because sloths are so darn cute. You're welcome.

A kaleidoscopic candy client and a red-hot Los Angeles fashion designer collaborate to create an exclusive, limited-edition line of gummi worm-influenced apparel that people love.

Meet Julie Pinzur, the colorful creator behind Mokuyobi.

A website of weirdly woven wear

Making Mokuyobi a simple choice at ComplexCon — a “Comic-Con” of modern fashion.

Weaving our way into the fabric of social and cultural media.

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do things people love

It's the beard. And that means beardsketball. We provided mass access to James and his most well-known feature — the beard — by turning it into a Weird Beards sour gummy, and then into a full-on activation with James' busy beard as a basketball net.

James encourages and/or trash talks through a digitally programmed backboard.

Launched at a Houston Rockets game, Beardsketball gave fans, and viewers at home, a chance to experience taking on Mr. Harden one-on-one.

A social microsite for sending Harden sweet-and-sour smack talk.

An Instagram challenge, #BeardlyAwesome takeovers, and Weird Beard power-ups were just part of the game plan.

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boost in sales directly after Houston event
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