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Lottery engagement was dying. Literally.

While the core player demographic (ages 55+) was playing more than ever, Minnesota Lottery executives recognized the hard truth: Future growth would have to rely on attracting newer, younger players. The brand had lost nearly half a million players age 18 to 35 to other forms of entertainment over the previous decade. To increase sales and rebuild a resilient player pipeline, we needed to shift the brand’s perception.

FACT: Millennials want more than avocado toast.

A lot has been said about millennials, but there’s no denying that the average young adult is affected by a very real form of FOMO (fear of missing out). They’re driven by communal experiences and social connection, which can lead them toward spontaneous and impulsive behaviors. To capture the imagination of this age group, we had to do more than sell a ticket — we had to offer a social experience worth joining.

Game for a little excitement? Just say "I'MN."

At its core, our idea was simple: Turn the lottery into statewide call to adventure. Make the game a team sport. To accomplish it, we created a platform that could translate across the entire range of digital channels. By tapping into the FOMO-driven motivation, we positioned the Minnesota Lottery as the provider of spontaneous moments worth opting in for. "I'MN" is more than a tagline. It's what you say when you're game for whatever's next.

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new players last year
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campaign impressions on Facebook
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more post likes across social media channels

In the campaign's first year, we saw a 3 percent increase in sales across all Minnesota Lottery products, making it a record sales year. We also saw incredible growth and engagement across all social platforms; in comment threads, many posts included the phrase "I'MN" (even when the commenters weren't prompted to do so). Without a doubt, this confirmed our initial hunch: Minnesotans are definitely game for a little excitement. Did we win the lottery? We think so.

"I'MN really fits with the adventurous spirit of Minnesotans who love to join in the fun." JASON LAFRENZ, MN LOTTERY CMO

The heartwarming story of The Lighthouse Mouse was promoted via out-of-home, digital, social and GSTV, and drove viewers to the Minnesota Lottery website where the short film played.

A spectacular board featuring Minnesota's iconic Split Rock Lighthouse even lit up at night to ensure the URL shined bright.

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dollars in sales
0 30 %
lift from 2019
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products shown in video

To make the game even more personal to Minnesotans, we enlisted a popular local artist to bring our “wild” characters to life.

Players could also enter their non-winning tickets in a second-chance drawing for a limited-edition print signed by the artist.

We created True Northisms — pieces of wisdom gathered from winter truths — to help people find their own True North spirits. Of course we also reminded them they could find their spirits by playing the True North scratch game.

Instead of just sending influencers swag in their toasty warm homes, we outfitted them with GPS coordinates and sent them out into the True North.

0 7.9 MM
dollars in scratch game sales
0 21 %
increase over previous year
0 10
influencers enjoying the true north

During the cold months, many locals affectionately refer to our state as "Minnesnowta," so we made a game of it. Besides promoting a scratch ticket with the same name, we officially put Minnesnowta on the map. We created an ice-covered town and shot a tourism-themed commercial to promote it. We even created an actual spot on Google Maps where the commercial was shot, so cold-blooded Minnesotans could check in to this winter-loving location. ​

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lift over previous year's sales
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video views

The Minnesota Millionaire Raffle happens once a year. And two lucky players will become the state's newest millionaires. So we asked ourselves, without over-promising a lifestyle change, what would a Minnesota millionaire look like?

To bring the landmarks to life, we created a series of videos that transformed the illustrations into playful animations that celebrated the iconic destinations.

Every year, Vikings fans dream of their team winning it all. And for the last 58 years, they’ve come up a little short. No titles. Not ever. So, to get Vikings fans excited about the Minnesota Lottery’s Vikings scratch game, we helped them actually see what it’s like to win it all. Well, the lottery anyway.

We created Jan, the ultimate Vikings fan. Jan took her Vikings scratch game winnings and did what any true Vikings fan would do. She bought a bunch of Vikings memorabilia for her Jan Cave, including one very special piece — Vikings legend, Jared Allen.

Mullet. Mustache. Magic.

The campaign extended through posts and social videos, including a backstory of how Jared met Jan, as well as Jan giving away some of her Jan Cave overflow memorabilia.

We also created an augmented reality lens for Snapchat that turned a billboard into an opportunity to give someone a virtual post-game ice bath so everyone can share in the joy of what winning really feels like.

0 14.9 MM
dollars in total sales
0 36 %
increase over previous year's sales
0 1
pug dressed as a Viking

When we discovered the Minnesota Lottery wasn’t getting credit for its beneficiary work, we created an integrated campaign that turned existing misperceptions into the understanding that more than $1 billion from the lottery has gone to protecting and preserving the state’s incredible natural resources. Ka-ching!

A social media campaign provided a countdown to the commercial’s debut, teasing eye-catching sums of money.

Then the 60-second launch spot debuted simultaneously on every news station in Minnesota.

Follow-up messaging reminded folks who the real winners are.

A livestream of a stream kept the action live and the timing real.

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Dollars for the state since 1990

Mexican by birth and Minnesotan by choice, renowned Day of the Dead artist Luis Fitch brought his talents to bear on our designs and overall campaign. In the end, we created a scratch game that properly honored this holiday’s own legacy while expanding the ethnic inclusivity of the Minnesota Lottery brand. Not to mention, it looked really cool.