Convincing farmers to plant weeds.

To convince farmers to take the Monarch Challenge, we made it easy for them — we showed up at farm shows and events with experiences that opened their eyes to the issue. We sent them milkweed stems, and even offered to come plant them. We educated farmers about how monarchs and pollinators benefit crops, and how planting milkweed can improve the biodiversity — and production — of their farms, all without disrupting their business. And we appealed to their connection to the land, as well as their desire to build sustainable operations they can hand down to the next generation of farmers.

Looking for a fun and educational vacation? Try the #MonarchRoadTrip.

When it comes to sustainability on the farm, helping butterflies is only the beginning.

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milkweed stems planted
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potential monarchs helped by habitat
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species kept off the endangered list

In perfect sync with the BASF brand, its mission and its 150th anniversary, we created the “Land of Misfit Food” video to spread the word about food waste, especially among K-12 students, and boost BASF’s corporate citizenship. The overall program also included materials to help people shop, consume and save more smartly.

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For years, BASF was a house of un-connected brands that were great products created with category-leading science. Partnering with BASF, we turned that approach inside out and unified all the products under one BASF branded platform—Grow Smart with BASF. Our driving insight: The chemistry we create with farmers in the field matters just as much as the chemicals we create in our labs.

We built touchpoints and engagements around the insight, keying on the importance of people and relationships as much as products and programs.

To highlight the unique advantage of one of BASF's top products — a herbicide that activates with much less rainfall than the competitors' — we created a big idea using a small space.

To get the word out on a big new product launch — Engenia herbicide — we created a series of bumper stickers. After all, next to their family, dog and land, farmers' next love may be their pickup.

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Growth in seeing BASF as a farmer’s trusted advisor.
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Twitter followers up 131% over first year to nearly 25,000.

do things people love

Born of the Grow Smart strategy, our #dirtroadtour video series connected with agriculture audiences like nothing the brand had done before. Hosted by ag's most popular blogger, Rob Sharkey, and BASF communications specialist Donnarie Hales, the team traveled from Louisiana through several states and ended up in Decatur, Illinois. Everywhere they went, they spread the good news of ag through social media, and in the process, drew some genuine love for the brand from the ag community.

Meet Rob Sharkey and Donnarie Hales: walking, talking, human almanacs.

Ten States. 2,000 Miles. Two Hosts. One Car.

The long and winding road

Farmers are just as connected as anyone. Only more so.

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See you down the road, partner.