Street cred in a place where there are no streets.

A well-known leader across almost all categories, Arctic Cat introduced an all-new mountain machine, and we made sure it took people’s breath away. We brought together four of the best mountain riders ever and set them loose in thin-aired wilderness with cameras rolling. The resulting films stand as undeniable proof Arctic Cat is a rightful owner of the high ground.

It ain’t the wind that’s giving you chills.

Crossing paths with a Black Cat.

Of course they love snow. They have ice in their veins.

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Increase in sled sales in 2018 over 2017.
0 500000
More than 500,000 organic impressions for launch video.
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Launch created 6 times greater follower growth on Facebook over a typical week.

do things people love

Let it snow. Let it snow. Let it snow.

“The Wide World of Arctic Cat” campaign taught off-road enthusiasts that they can trust Arctic Cat vehicles to get them out there — way out there — and also bring them back. So they can recount their adventures with everyone, or with no one. Arctic Cat understands the mystique. After all, it’s one thing to push the limits of man and machine. It’s quite another to push the limits of imagination.

How to speak to those with gas and oil — and dust —in their veins.